4 Highlights From a Great Adult Ed Resource

It can sometimes be tricky to find research, literature, and professional development materials that are focused specifically on adult immigrants. One invaluable resource, as many of you may know, is the LINCS website. As the About page explains, LINCS (a somewhat forced acronym for Literacy Information and Communication System) was designed “to organize and promote resources within the field of adult education and serve as a central repository for information.” As such, it is a fantastic resource for adult ed teachers and administrators. One of the most useful parts of the site is their Publications page. To give you a bit of the flavor of what they publish, I’m going to give a quick description of a few of their most recent documents.

Integrating Digital Literacy Into English Language Instruction

This issue brief discusses the ever-shifting meaning of literacy and the need to include digital skills in that expanding construct. It goes on to describe some challenges faced by language learners in particular, considerations for integrating digital lit into language instruction, and the intersection of digital lit with information lit and media lit (both of which I discussed a bit in a recent post). There’s also a handy little Considerations for Administrators section, and some further reading.

Integrating Digital Literacy and Problem Solving Into Instruction

A great accompaniment to the issue brief above, this packet contains two full lesson plans to get your digital literacy integration off the ground, along with a glossary and hyperlinked resource page.

Staying Healthy for Beginners

This is a teacher’s text that, paired with the student book (also available online) serves as a complete health literacy curriculum for English learners, correlated with CASAS standards. The text is loaded with resources and the Activities for Taking Action sections are designed to get your students applying what they learn immediately.

Impact ABS Research Briefs

This series of briefs by Prof. Stephen Reder summarizes research findings the long-term impact of adult basic skills (ABS) on such issues as voting, economic outcomes, and literacy growth. Each is well laid out and full of handsomely designed  (a rarity in research publications!) charts and tables. These are great resources for those seeking grant funding.

There’s loads more on the LINCS site, so take a few minutes to explore!

About Robert Sheppard

Robert Sheppard
Over the past 10 years, Rob has explored a variety of roles and contexts in the field. These include the cram-school culture of Taiwan and Korea; IEPs in Boston focused on academic English; advanced conversation and TOEFL prep taught via Skype to students in Japan; and nonprofit, community English programs for immigrants to Greater Boston. He currently serves as sr. director of adult programs at Quincy Asian Resources, a member of the community advisory council at First Literacy, and a curriculum consultant at Boston Global Institute. He has a master’s degree in TESOL from The New School, and his areas of interest include adult ed, pronunciation and grammar instruction, curriculum development, and assessment.
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  1. Brenda Delaney says:

    Thank you so much for this post, Robert. I facilitate an English conversation workshop for francophone Québécois and immigrants in Montreal. Even after just a brief look at the contents, I can see that LINCS site is going to be very helpful.

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