4 Reasons Teachers Should Attend the TESOL Convention

The annual TESOL Convention is a 4-day celebration of the birth of TESOL as a professional organization, so anyone in the field of English language teaching should witness this momentous event. This special gathering of language teaching professionals and scholars from around the world features various engaging activities that promote professional development and advancement. Here are a few reasons you should attend this important annual convention.

Glen Ryan Alejandro, ESL Teacher

1. Exchange Ideas With International Educators

At the TESOL convention, educators and scholars from more than 100 countries exchange ideas and practices, giving attendees the great opportunity to learn different ways to teach based on various cultural perspectives. This exchange of teaching ideas and practices will benefit specially the attendees who teach students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

2. Strengthen Your Professional Network

Attendees expand their professional networks. This means these networks can help extend attendees’ professional resources and job opportunities, both local and international. At the TESOL Convention, attendees may just be chatting with their future colleagues, employers, business partners, or even copresenters at the next TESOL conference.

3. Advance Issues That Matter to You

Attendees share about advocacy efforts in their own communities and learn about others’ as well. In other words, the TESOL Convention is a forum that provides attendees with an opportunity to voice their own views and also to listen to others’ perspectives or to initiate actions on issues that matter the most to them. When I first attended the TESOL convention held in Maryland, USA, in 2003, I had the great opportunity to represent my nonnative-English-speaking community and voice my opinion as a nonnative-English-speaking language teacher.

4. Unite (and Reunite) With TESOLers From Around the World

The TESOL Convention is a reunion of past attendees. It is sometimes unimaginable how these more than 6,000 attendees from around the globe can meet each other again. Thanks to this annual convention that makes it possible, the big world becomes small.

Author Bio
Glen Ryan Alejandro is an ESL teacher in California, USA, and TESOL 2019 Ambassador. He has been a teacher for 23 years and attended 7 TESOL Conventions. Originally from the Philippines, Glen is an advocate for the nonnative English speakers in TESOL community. Glen is a teacher trainer and recipient of 2002–2003 TESOL Professional Development Scholarship and 2011–2012 TESOL Professional Development Travel Grant for Practicing ESL/ EFL Teachers.

About TESOL Ambassador

TESOL Ambassador
TESOL Ambassadors are TESOL members just like you who have agreed to share their experiences at the TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo. Watch for them on TESOL social media, and feel free to comment on and share their posts with friends and colleagues.
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  1. divya says:

    Hello, Definitely I will attend this, I want to become a great teacher and I love to teach, so thanks for sharing this information.

  2. That sounds like really good thought to attend the convention. Kindly give the details of dates and venue or livestream connectivity.

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