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Christel Broady

Name: Christel Broady


Bio: Dr. Christel Broady is a professor of graduate education directing the online ESL teacher education program, which received highest rankings in the state and nation for its quality. She teaches a wide range of technology graduate courses and she is also the representative for Quality Matters, A NATIONAL BENCHMARK FOR ONLINE COURSE DESIGN, for all independent colleges in Kentucky. She has been producing a long list of publications, keynotes talks, presentations, and awards and recognitions in the area of CALL. Additionally, Dr. Broady has been an NCATE program reviewer and she was the TESOL representative for CAEP. In addition, Dr. Broady represents TESOL on a national workgroup for the seal of bilinguality in K-12 schools. She was the president of the Kentucky TESOL, conference organizer of a state TESOL conference, and president at the Southeast states TESOL conference. At TESOL, she chaired the Elementary Education Interest Section and is on the steering committee for Video and Digital Media. Dr. Broady is an EFL learner herself. She represents immigrants living in multicultural and –lingual families raising school age multilingual children in the USA. Most of all, she is a lifelong learner and technology geek!

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