Free CALL Conference Webcasts

The CALL-IS is hosting several free webcasts during the TESOL conference starting tomorrow.  If you’re at the conference, you can attend these live events.

Otherwise, those not attending can login as a guest to AdobeConnect during the live broadcasts.  Once logged in, you’ll be able to text chat your questions and comments with the moderator of these sessions.  If you’re unable to view these at their scheduled time, a recording will be made available on the CALL-IS Moodle after the conference.  All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) which is GMT-4.  To assist you, I’ve created a World Clock Event Time Announcer for each session (view links below).

Thursday the 29th, 2012: InterSection among CALL-IS, MW-IS & SLW-IS

Going Beyond the Textbook in Second Language Writing with CALL

Presenters: Maggie Sokolik, Carla Meskill, Leslie Opp-Beckman, and Steve King

Time & Location: 10:00-11:45 in the Technology Showcase, 103B, Convention Center

World Clock Event Time Announcer 

Friday the 30th: EV Classics Fair Round Robin

1. Shaping the Way We Teach English: Best Practices Around the World by Leslie Opp-Beckman and Rick Rosenberg from 2:00-2:30

2. Training CALL Teachers by Christine Bauer-Ramazani from 2:00-2:30

3.  The Electronic Village Online (EVO) Moderator Presentations from 2:00-2:50

A. Moodle4Teachers by Dr. Nellie Deutsch

B. Developing Mentoring Skills by Marina Gonzalez

C. Podcasting by Evelyn Izquierdo

Time & Location: 2:00-2:50 EST in the Electronic Village (EV) held in room 103A, Convention Center

World Clock Event Time Announcer

Saturday the 31st: Academic Session

Smart Technology-Intelligent Tutoring Systems in Language Teaching and Learning

Presenters: Lewis Johnson, Karen Price, Troy Cox, and Chris Hill

Time & Location: 10-11:45 EST in the Technology Showcase, Room 103B, Convention Center

World Clock Event Time Announcer

About Sandra Rogers

Sandra Rogers
Mrs. Rogers has a master's in TESOL, as well as the TESOL certificate in the Principles and Practices of Online Teaching. Currently, she's enrolled in a doctorate program for instructional design. She has a K-12 bilingual (Spanish) teaching certificate from California. Her areas of expertise are in bilingual education, culture, language acquisition and development (BCLAD), reading, quality assurance, and technology. She's active in the CALL-IS of TESOL and volunteers to provide free professional development for the Electronic Village Online (EVO). Mrs. Rogers spends her days scoring the TOEFL and TOEIC online for ETS. Additionally, Sandra founded a nonprofit charity to help job seekers find employment utilizing social media as a career tool. Find her on twitter @teacherrogers to learn about tips on integrating technology into the classroom.
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2 Responses to Free CALL Conference Webcasts

  1. Mary Moore says:

    I am interested in any information out there, concerning teacher training in CALL. I teach in a public school setting, in the US. and would like to find professional development opportunities available.
    Thank you, Ms. Moore

  2. Minuman says:

    Gail’s work was pivotal to the reeasrch I did for my masters thesis, and Learners Lives as Curriculum was one of the major inspirations for the volunteer-based program model I developed in 2004 , which is now a new nonprofit organization. I never had a chance to work with her, but meeting her at TESOL conventions was always a joy and shot of enthusiasm. Her workshops always focused on the possible rather than as a reaction to the prescriptive policies that were and are weighing down our profession.

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