Have your students saying, “That’s awesome!”

If you want to smile, visit 1000awesomethings.com. I really love this site. The title pretty much says it all. It’s a list of awesome things the author really appreciates — things like hearing someone’s smile over the phone, realizing no one saw you trip, and gravy. The entries are very diverse and never fail to make me smile. It would make very entertaining reading for your students and provide some, um, amusing vocabulary (as in snort, burp and chug)!

About Kendra Johnson

Kendra Johnson
Kendra is pursuing her master's degree in TESOL at the University of Central Florida. She brings to teaching 10 years of experience as a reporter, writer, and editor for local newspapers. Just two years ago, she had never taught in a classroom, but she is slowly building her professional muscle in the field of education. She has worked as an instructor for an intensive English program and as a discussion group leader for a community English class. She has also tutored students preparing for the SPEAK exam. Through personal experience and picking the brains of veteran teachers, Kendra is filling her own bag of TESOL tricks. She'll share what she's learning and hopes you'll join the conversation.
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