Member Moment: Adeel Khalid

TESOL Member Moment celebrates our members’ achievements and contributions to the field of English language teaching.

Adeel Khalid with his class

Adeel Khalid
TESOL Global Member
Instructor, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)
Lahore, Pakistan

Why are you a TESOL member?

TESOL membership provides me access to resources, events, webinars, courses, and connections in the field of ESL. TESOL courses are relevant and adequately cater to the needs of a language teacher. TESOL keeps me engaged to pursue my professional goals in this digital era where networking is key.

What has been your most significant achievement in or contribution to the TESOL field?

I have contributed to the field by creatively addressing students’ needs with pedagogically effective solutions to make them enabled, empowered, and informed learners. Working as a lecturer at Forman Christian College, I transform and touch lives of learners by instilling the spirit of “by love, serve one another.”

About Adeel Khalid

Adeel Khalid
Adeel Khalid has over 6 years of teaching and research experience in various institutions in Pakistan. He served as a PBL teacher at TNS Beaconhouse Defence Campus; as an English language instructor at the Consulate General of U.S., Lahore Chapter on a visiting basis; and at Concordia College, Allama Iqbal Campus. He earned postgraduate teaching certifications from the University of Oregon, USA in assessment practices in English language teaching and critical thinking skill in ESL, and he has presented various research papers at national and international conferences, including SPELT, Aga Khan University, NELTA, Asia TEFL, and E-Teacher Alumni Conference.
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Member Moment: Adeel Khalid

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