Member Moment: Hind Elyas

TESOL Member Moment celebrates our members’ achievements in and contributions to the field of English language teaching.

Hind Elyas
TESOL Global Member
English Instructor, Niagara College, KSA
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Why are you a TESOL member?

TESOL International Association is a great association that has helped me keep up with the current trends in education, and that, in turn, has helped me benefit myself, my students, and my institution.

One of the major advantages of joining TESOL is the opportunity to build a professional network and connect with teachers and educators all over the world. It is great to share ideas and learn from them too.

I enjoy being part of the association, and I have benefited a lot from the latest news, TESOL publications, webinars, virtual seminars, and one of my favorite series, The Six Principles® for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners, which has helped me tremendously in my classroom.

What has been your most significant achievement in or contribution to the TESOL field?

As the former acting vice president of TESOL Sudan, I have co-organized three local conferences and two international conferences in Khartoum. TESOL Sudan was established in 2009, and I joined the association in 2016 through February 2020 as the acting vice president.

I am involved in many English language associations, where I assume different roles, such as the executive secretary at Africa TESOL, the KSAALT TESOL professional development coordinator, and the Global Issues, Issues Month coordinator at IATEFL. I am also a member of the TESOL Professional Development Professional Council. Being part of these associations has helped me learn a lot by allowing me to share my ideas with colleagues, learn from them, and try to make a difference in the lives of teachers and students in Sudan and around the world.

About Hind Elyas

Hind Elyas
Hind Elyas, TESOL Global member and member of the TESOL Professional Development Professional Council, is an English instructor at Niagara College KSA in Saudi Arabia. She is also active in other related associations and serves as executive secretary for Africa TESOL, professional development coordinator for KSAALT TESOL, and Issues Month coordinator for IATEFL Global Issues. Additionally, Hind is the former acting vice president of TESOL Sudan.
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Member Moment: Hind Elyas

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