Missing in cyberspace

It’s that time of year when many educators return to their desks, myself included.  Much of my professional activity is tied in with the Internet and social media, so when I’m on holiday I seemingly vanish into thin air.  As enthusiastic as I am about social media, I have no trouble turning it off.  In this post I would like to re-enter cyberspace and direct more addicted social media users to an interesting article in Mashable entitled “6 Ways to Disconnect From Social Media”.

About Lydia Kuniholm

Lydia Kuniholm
Lydia has been in the field of English Language Teaching for 25 years in a variety of countries (United States, Japan, Egypt, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the former Czechoslovakia, and Nigeria) as both a teacher and a teacher trainer. She has worked at all levels, from kindergarten to graduate school, in both the public and private sectors. She is a self-confessed Internet addict and can often be found tinkering with various Web 2.0 applications. She believes in helping students find ways to take learning outside of the classroom and into their lives. Although photography is her true love, she has periodic affairs with writing. She is a life-long student of French and a not-so-successful student of Spanish, Arabic, and Japanese.
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