Navigating The Convention

My brother Josh worked at one of the help desks this morning and noticed that several people are having a hard time navigating the convention here in New Orleans. Well, have no fear! Here is a video explaining some of the important landmarks you will need to know.

Enjoy the video here.

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Andrea Giordano serves as the Assistant Director at Campbellsville University in Kentucky where she has been an ESL instructor for 8 years. The ESL Institute at CU averages about 60 students per term and boasts a thriving TESOL endorsement program where Andrea also teaches each semester. In 2009, Andrea created, an extensive video-centered website for English Language Learners. Andrea holds an M.Ed. in TESOL from Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA and is the author of "21 Ways to Jumpstart Your English Skills". You can learn more at her Facebook and Twitter pages.
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2 Responses to Navigating The Convention

  1. Sandra Rogers Sandra Rogers says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for sharing the video. I hope attendees find the Electronic Village (EV) which is located on the second floor down a long hallway/catwalk over the exhibitors’ space. I feel like TESOL placed technology in the corner and out-of-site by placing the EV in such a remote place.

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