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The convention is two weeks away! By now, you’ve hopefully completed registration, booked your hotel, and arranged transportation. ┬áIf you’re anything like me, though, you still may not know exactly what to expect. I have to admit that one of the huge draws for me to go to the convention this year was that it’s in New Orleans. In my short 30 years, I’ve managed to travel to 44 of the 50 U.S. states. Louisiana has not been one of them. It’s always alluded me, dodging the interstates and airports I’ve passed through. That’s why I jumped at the chance to head south and get my number 45.

Perhaps you’re new in town like me. You’re not sure what sights and smells and tastes to take in while in New Orleans. We need your help, locals. Tell us where you go. Where do you meet your friends on the weekends? Where do you go for the “perfect” meal? Which park do you take your family to for a day outside? What hidden treasures give New Orleans the life and flare it’s known for?

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Andrea Giordano serves as the Assistant Director at Campbellsville University in Kentucky where she has been an ESL instructor for 8 years. The ESL Institute at CU averages about 60 students per term and boasts a thriving TESOL endorsement program where Andrea also teaches each semester. In 2009, Andrea created, an extensive video-centered website for English Language Learners. Andrea holds an M.Ed. in TESOL from Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA and is the author of "21 Ways to Jumpstart Your English Skills". You can learn more at her Facebook and Twitter pages.
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  1. Sandra Rogers Sandra Rogers says:

    Hi Andrea,

    I noticed that other locals haven’t shared insider news with you as of yet. As a citizen on the Gulf Coast, I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to New Orleans numerous times. The great thing about the city is that it is pedestrian friendly. Everything in the French Quarter is within walking distance: riverboat rides, shops, St. James Cathedral, street performers and artist at the Square, casinos, and FOOD! Moreover, you can take the trolley to the Audobon Zoo or just for the ride. The cable car trolley is something that will make you remember all the Hollywood movies that have been filmed on it. Tulane University is also on the trolley route in the Audobon neighborhood. I’m not familiar with the music scene and will let someone else comment on that. I’ve been to Tip-a-Tina’s a few times back in the day, but not sure of where to go now.