Support Immigrant Heritage Month in the USA

June is Immigrant Heritage Month in the United States. Due to the current political climate, interest in celebrating diversity in the United States has sparked the #IAmAnImmigrant campaign. It honors the individual struggles of  our families or ancestors when they immigrated to the United States, and allows Americans to share this common heritage.

I think it is important to tell the world that most Americans do not support the racist comments made during the recent presidential campaigning.  I refer everyone to my August 2015 blog entitled “Debunking 5 Myths of U.S. Immigration.”

Part of this celebration is the creation of videos from famous Americans who tell their immigrant stories. Here are some of the stories:

During the 2016 Immigrant Heritage Month, supporters  are encouraged to join the #IAmAnImmigrant campaign  in order to explore our individual heritage and recognize our shared experiences by ordering a t-shirt that is sold at cost, take a selfie wearing it, and post it on Facebook, Instagram,  or Twitter using the hashtags #ImmigrantHeritageMonth or #IHM2016. I urge everyone to go to these pages and see the photos of all the supporters, including more than 50 celebrities.

About Judie Haynes

Judie Haynes
Judie Haynes taught elementary ESL for 28 years and is the author and coauthor of eight books for teachers of ELs , the most recent being “Teaching to Strengths: Supporting Students Living with Trauma, Violence and Chronic Stress“ with Debbie Zacarian and Lourdes Alvarez-Ortiz. She was a columnist for the TESOL publication "Essential Teacher" and is also cofounder and comoderator of the Twitter Chat for teachers of English learners #ELLCHAT.
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