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Diversity ≠ Inclusion: Avoiding Segregative Practices With ELs

Ayanna Cooper
Ayanna Cooper

Often, school communities and workplaces pride themselves for being diverse. I don’t doubt that such pride is valid. We are diverse in many ways. However, lately, diversity has become equated with inclusion—and this is concerning. Diversity does not mean or … Continue reading

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The Civil Rights of English Learners

Ayanna Cooper
Ayanna Cooper

Hello TESOL community! I’m Ayanna Cooper, a new blogger for TESOL International Association. Having served as the keynote for TESOL PreK–12 Day in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, earlier year, I know that the issue of assuring the civil rights of English … Continue reading

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Teachers Crossing Borders and Building Bridges


Sonia Nieto will present the opening keynote, titled “Teachers’ Roles in Crossing Borders and Building Bridges,” at the TESOL 2015 International Convention & English Language Expo, 5:30 pm, Wednesday, 25 March 2015. “I like to have parent conferences in laundromats,” declared Roger … Continue reading

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