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Online Discussion on Teacher Effectiveness in ELT, 19-20 January

Christine Coombe

Today and tomorrow (19-20 January) the TESOL Community is hosting an online discussion on empirical and practical perspectives on teacher effectiveness in ELT, which will also be the topic of my Presidential Plenary at the TESOL 2012 Annual Convention & … Continue reading

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Class Chemistry

Joe McVeigh
Joe McVeigh

Have you ever taught a class that just never seemed to come together? Or one in which the students all worked together really well? Do you think that classes have their own personalities? I first learned about the concept of … Continue reading

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The Glass Half Full

Korey Marquez
Korey Marquez

ESL professionals often have a lot to complain about, and rightfully so. Long hours. Low pay. Small program budgets. Lack of job security. These are real concerns within the profession that affect our careers and our quality of life. Today, … Continue reading

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Classroom Horror Stories

Joe McVeigh
Joe McVeigh

We’ve been having a heat wave in Vermont, in the northeastern United States where I live. The temperature has reached 95° F (35° C). It’s actually hotter here than it was in Saudi Arabia when I visited in the spring. … Continue reading

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