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Lesson planning

Joe McVeigh
Joe McVeigh

How much time do you spend preparing your lessons in advance? Are you a planner? Or do you like to let the lesson take its own course? As a young student teacher I learned how to carefully plan my lessons. … Continue reading

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Class Chemistry

Joe McVeigh
Joe McVeigh

Have you ever taught a class that just never seemed to come together? Or one in which the students all worked together really well? Do you think that classes have their own personalities? I first learned about the concept of … Continue reading

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What Teachers Inspired You?

Joe McVeigh
Joe McVeigh

One of my most memorable teachers was a high school English teacher. Thomas Donovan had been teaching for nearly forty years and was in his sixties when I had him as a 14-year-old student. He was what today we would … Continue reading

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Teacher Burn Out

Susan Prevost

I’m hoping that someone will address this topic at the conference, either on its own or within a larger scope. Corporations and entrepreneurs address it, and we should too. How do we reinvigorate ourselves sufficiently to remain excited about out … Continue reading

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