TESOL Board Member Lillian Wong Addresses ORTESOL12

Happy New Year! May 2013 be bright, beautiful, and full of promise for us all.

It was my great honor to be invited to give a plenary at ORTESOL 2012 on 16 and 17 November. The theme of the Oregon TESOL conference was “Teaching in the Time of Transitions,” a highly relevant and timely topic. The conference was a great success, drawing more than 380 participants and 100 papers covering a variety of language skills and teaching and learning topics. Presenters came mainly from universities and colleges in the region, but some were from as far away as Asia.

My talk was titled “Fostering Language Learner Autonomy With Technologies,” and in it I was able to share my research and teaching experiences in curriculum innovation and the use of information technology in teaching and learning. I proposed that autonomous language learning be reconceptualized to include specific abilities to employ in different learning environments where technology plays an important role.

LillianWong presenting at ORTESOL12

LillianWong delivering her plenary at ORTESOL12

I was extremely impressed by Oregon TESOL. The Board of Directors’ professionalism, leadership, and enthusiasm were reflected well in the conference. I am so glad that I was invited to the conference and met the leaders and participants. Now I know some local friends for my next visit in 2014 when TESOL International Association holds its annual convention in Portland!

About Lillian L. C. Wong

Lillian L. C. Wong
Lillian L. C. Wong has a doctorate in applied linguistics. She teaches English for academic and specific purposes and information technology in language teaching and research in the Centre for Applied English Studies at the University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include teacher professional development, e-portfolios for language learning, innovation and change in language education, sociolinguistics, language education planning and policy, autonomous learning, learning motivation, learner differences, and learning styles and strategies. She has served as chair of the Professional Development Committee for TESOL International Association, and she currently serves on the TESOL Board of Directors.
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One Response to TESOL Board Member Lillian Wong Addresses ORTESOL12

  1. Ken Hyland says:

    Congratulations, Lillian. It looks to have been a good conference and a very interesting topic to talk on. Your work in Hong Kong on e-portfolis has been very important in raising awareness among teachers of some of the potential of the technologies you have mentioned in your post. It is also good to see Hong Kong, and especially the Centre for Applied English Studies, getting some visibility in the world!!

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