Time to share has arrived! TESOL Annual Convention is just around the corner!

I feel so lucky I got to be one of the bloggers for this coming event! Where and how should I get started? Well, let me tell you a little bit about myself and my very first encounter with TESOL. Then, you will get to tell why I love being a TESOLer!

I clearly remember everything I experienced a weekend of May, 1997, at Universidad de Carabobo in Venezuela: My  first VenTESOL Convention. I was an 18-year-old pre-service English teacher and was eager to learn more about my career. I really did not know much about the organization, but after being almost pushed by Ma Irene Albers, a dear friend and an active member professor in VenTESOL, and while charging myself with the energy of hundreds of English teachers who were gathering and networking, I just realized I was at the right place, surrounded by the right people. Since then, I have joined the organization and started as a Helping Hand (students who take care of providing relevant information to attendees). Then I was promoted to Regional Rep and now I hold a VenTESOL Vice Presidency. What a commitment! What a passionate job! Volunteering rocks!

Fourteen years later, I am finally going  to make it to my first international convention! I could not be happier and more excited to share with affiliates from all over the world! I truly believe what TESOL does is feed the souls of English teachers worldwide who are hungry for professional updates so I want to be part of that!

This blog is an amazing opportunity for all of us, for me because it gives me the chance to share my views as a first-time attendee, and for all of us, because this blog will enable us to start networking and getting to know each other right before the big event in March. We all have high expectations for the convention , not only looking forward to reading the program, attending the book exhibit, and the job fair but we are also ready to get to know teachers who share our passion: English and teaching!

So, let’s get started with this amazing adventure right now by answering these questions:

Where do you come from? What are your expectations for this TESOL Convention? What are your motivations to spend 4 days of your life jumping from workshop to workshop?

Too many questions come to my mind but I better stop here since we have more weeks ahead to share!

Let’s experience TESOL’s spirit!

About Eve

I am a graduate from Carabobo University, Venezuela, holding a Master's degree in Reading and Writing and currently undertaking a Master´s degree in TESOL in England. I have worked as an English teacher at all levels for the last 12 years not only in Valencia, Venezuela but also abroad, specifically in UK. I have been a teacher at Universidad de Carabobo, Faculty of Education since 2003, coordinating different subjects and modules dealing with ELT and ELL. I have been an active member of VenTESOL since 1999 starting as a regional representative and organizing several successful events ever since. Now I hold the 1st vice-presidency.
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3 Responses to Time to share has arrived! TESOL Annual Convention is just around the corner!

  1. María Irene says:

    Dear Eve,
    I’m soooo glad I pushed you to join this wonderful experience represented by being part of Venezuela TESOL. I’m really proud of you, and your achievements, and very honored of being part of the staff that planted in you the desire of becoming a better teacher to better serve your students.
    Way to go,
    María Irene

  2. Eve Eve says:

    Thank you my friend!
    I am excited that I will get to share this unique experience with teachers worldwide!
    See you in New Orleans! Let’s show VenTESOL’s spirit to the whole world!

  3. Waleska Ruiz says:

    I am so proud of you Eve! In a few weeks you will live one of the most important events of your life as a result of many years of commitment with the ELT career in Venezuela. Knowing that many teachers from all over my country and the world share the same dream of improving and challenging the teaching of English in this century is a very rewarding feeling. You have been an inspiration to me and I thank God and the TESOL mission for this wonderful opportunity of sharing with enthusiastic like you and attending this international convention. I definitely know that this upcoming experience will change my career, not only as a dreamer teacher, but also as a human being!
    A big hug,
    Waleska Ruiz

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