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Michelle Benegas

Name: Michelle Benegas


Bio: Michelle Benegas, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the second language teaching and learning program at Hamline University. Her TEDX Talk titled "Confessions: New Teacher of Newcomers" tells of her early experiences teaching ESL to Minnesota’s newcomer population. She was the 2015 President of Minnesota Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (MinneTESOL). In addition to her work in ESL teacher preparation, she also teaches a course designed to prepare mainstream teachers to meet the needs of English learners. Along with Dr. Ann Mabbott, Benegas is the principal investigator of the ELM (English Learners in the Mainstream) Project, a US Department of Education-funded initiative that seeks to ensure that all teachers are prepared to meet the needs of English learners. Through this work, she promotes a model in which ESL teachers serve as serve as site-based experts and coaches to their mainstream colleagues.

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