New Members and First-Timers

Are you new to TESOL? If you are, make sure to join other newcomers at the “New Member Orientation,” held Thursday, March 17, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, in the Oak Alley Room at the Hilton. This orientation features a panel discussion with TESOL President Brock Brady, members of the board of directors, and other TESOL leaders. When I had the privilege of speaking with TESOL President Brock Brady last fall, he mentioned that many TESOL members are unaware of the benefits and resources that come with a TESOL membership. This new member orientation will serve as an overview to those benefits and services, as well as an introduction to the organization as a whole.

Another valuable event that shouldn’t be missed by first-time convention attendees is the “First-Timers’ Session,”  held Thursday March 17, 7:30 am – 8:15 am, in Grand Salon 13 at the Hilton. This session will provide an overview of the TESOL convention, and will provide first-timers with the tools to get the most out of this year’s convention.

If you are a first-time TESOL convention attendee, make sure you read “Are You a First-Timer? Here Are Some Tips” by Madeline Garr for 7 valuable tips for convention attendees. As Ms. Garr points out, “The options at the convention are endless so it is up to you to clarify your expectations.”

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Andrea Giordano serves as the Assistant Director at Campbellsville University in Kentucky where she has been an ESL instructor for 8 years. The ESL Institute at CU averages about 60 students per term and boasts a thriving TESOL endorsement program where Andrea also teaches each semester. In 2009, Andrea created, an extensive video-centered website for English Language Learners. Andrea holds an M.Ed. in TESOL from Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA and is the author of "21 Ways to Jumpstart Your English Skills". You can learn more at her Facebook and Twitter pages.
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  1. Sonja Martin says:

    I am a new TESOL member. How can I attend a Welcome session? Is it offered online?

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