Welcome to the 2011 TESOL Convention Blog

We have invited a number of members to blog about their experience at the 2011 TESOL Convention in New Orleans. You will begin to see their posts in the coming weeks leading up to the convention.

Please take the time to comment and share your thoughts with the bloggers.

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2 Responses to Welcome to the 2011 TESOL Convention Blog

  1. Sandra Rogers Sandra Rogers says:

    Dear Mehtap,

    I wanted to respond to your request for help to improve your teaching. Please read my blog post on the Electronic Village Online (EVO). This is an annual event that is free-of-charge. The sessions for this year have already been given, but you can still look at the 5-week courses online and learn about the (free) tools and research findings to include technology in the classroom and/or teaching online. Join the EVO sessions in January of 2012! Look for the invitation to participate in December of this year.

  2. mehtap demirtaƟ says:

    Hello from Turkey( Turkiye),
    Here there is a real trouble on teaching English at schools. The educational system is unsuccessful. Although we are techers of English, many of us do not really have a command of English. Some of us have been to abroad, so their Eglish is more fluent.
    Also there are handicaps, especially financial, at schools.
    At the end of their approximately a 10-year of English education, almost all students cannot speak English.
    I want to learn how to teach English efficiently at school with limited conditions. Could you please help me about this?
    Also i want to ask how you had chosen those tesol teachers for the Convention? Which qualifications must one have to be choosen?

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