15 Free Resources for Teaching High Frequency Vocabulary

And yet another blog on vocabulary resources. Today’s theme is high frequency vocabulary. Below is a list of resources for beginning and low-intermediate level students that can provide teachers with vocabulary worksheets, games, activities, and quizzes.

1. Innovati Vocab
This great website has a lot of resources for teaching. It is based on Building Academic Vocabulary by Marzano. Provides a number of instructive techniques for students and teachers.

2. Super Kids Scramble
Teacher can create scramble worksheet for various words.

3. TV 411 Vocabulary
Instructions on how to use dictionaries, thesaurus, root words and affixes. Includes different activities. Great for teaching morphology (for AWL too).

4. Vocabulary Games
A variety of engaging, fun vocabulary games (different levels). It also has vocabulary learning strategies, and tips for TOEFL, GRE, SAT, etc.

5. Learning Games for Kids
More vocabulary games, geared towards young learners.

6. ESL Games World
Among a variety of learning games, teacher can find vocabulary games and activities.

7. Vocabulary Exercises
This website has more than 500 gap-fill exercises to learn and review more than 1,500 items of general vocabulary in English. The online format of the exercises allows students to get immediate feedback on their answers.

8. University of Victoria Study Zone
Exercises for thematic beginning vocabulary.

9. ESL Lab Vocabulary
Mini-lessons based on vocabulary lists by topic; this resource includes audio files, quizzes and activities.

10. Enchanted Learning Vocabulary
Picture dictionary for thematic categories of words. Most words have further activities: stories, poems, games, worksheets.

11. Boggles World ESL Word Search
Word search for thematic vocabulary.

12. Boggles World ESL Crosswords
Crosswords for thematic vocabulary.

13. Boggles World Flash Cards
Vocabulary flash cards.

14. ESL Galaxy Vocabulary
Lots of vocabulary worksheets (organized by topics).

15. Learn English Today Vocabulary
A variety of quizzes, games, crosswords, and jumbled sentences.

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Elena Shvidko
Elena Shvidko is an assistant professor at Utah State University. She received her doctorate in second language studies from Purdue University and her master’s degree in TESOL from Brigham Young University. Her work appears in TESOL Journal, System, Journal on Response to Writing, TESOL interest section newsletters, and TESOL's New Ways series. Her research interests include second language writing, multimodal interaction, interpersonal aspects of language teaching, and teacher professional development.
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