EVO Provides Free Professional Development Annually

TESOL’s Computer-assisted Language Learning-Interest Section (CALL-IS) provides free professional development for teachers online!  The Electronic Village Online (EVO) takes place annually during the first part of the year but is not a certificate course; instead, it provides a variety of sessions free of charge.  Come to the Electronic Village (EV) at the TESOL convention to learn more.  Sessions start at 8 o’clock on Thursday and run through Saturday.  If you didn’t pick up the EV brochure, here’s the link: http://www.call-is.org/info/file.php/1/program11-2.pdf?MoodleSession=lho5nlegtno87go2rv4pujt3c2

EVO’s mission statement: The EVO is a creation of TESOL’s CALL Interest Section. In this age of electronic communication, it seems a natural way to bring the issues of our profession to the international stage. Our goal is to allow learning anywhere, anytime, with as little expense as possible. Thus EVO moderators and trainers are all volunteers, and participants need only provide their own Internet access to take part in activities. Contribution as a Moderator is a significant act of volunteerism, and forms an important service to our profession.

Here’s a list of EVO sessions that already took place in 2011: http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/33481412/Call_for_Participation2011.  I was a mentor for the Personal Learning Environments (PLE) & Personal Learning Networks (PLN) session.  To get involved next year, look for announcements for the call to participate in December for 2012.  These announcements are generally shared on the TESOL listserves, so make sure you join the one connected to your interest section.  If you are interested in moderating a session online, then contact a member of the CALL-IS so you can submit a proposal around September.

I co-moderated an EVO 2010 session for elementary teachers: http://internet4younglearners.pbworks.com/w/page/1992157/FrontPage. Even though the session has ended, you can still view the content.  Generally, the sessions are participatory and conclude with a final project.  For ours, we had teachers post their lesson plans that incorporated technology.  Furthermore, we collaborated on a list of our favorite English language learning Web sites for children.  Here’s a copy of our handout.  I’m co-presenting this session tomorrow morning (3-17-2011) at 9:00, so come to the EV to hear me.  Otherwise, you can view the recording via the Webcast live or after the actual event: http://www.call-is.org/info/course/view.php?id=22.

About Sandra Rogers

Sandra Rogers
Mrs. Rogers has a master's in TESOL, as well as the TESOL certificate in the Principles and Practices of Online Teaching. Currently, she's enrolled in a doctorate program for instructional design. She has a K-12 bilingual (Spanish) teaching certificate from California. Her areas of expertise are in bilingual education, culture, language acquisition and development (BCLAD), reading, quality assurance, and technology. She's active in the CALL-IS of TESOL and volunteers to provide free professional development for the Electronic Village Online (EVO). Mrs. Rogers spends her days scoring the TOEFL and TOEIC online for ETS. Additionally, Sandra founded a nonprofit charity to help job seekers find employment utilizing social media as a career tool. Find her on twitter @teacherrogers to learn about tips on integrating technology into the classroom.
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2 Responses to EVO Provides Free Professional Development Annually

  1. Elizabeth E. says:

    As you say, TESOL system provides good opportunities for professional development for teachers, whether experienced in online teaching or not. But if we look from the professional point of view – will this be helpful for the PD (as face-to-face courses are), will this give valuable expirience and skills to those who enters the profession? To my mind, courses for motivation and inspiration such as professional development for teachers could play much better role, and this online project should only be used as an additional resourse.

    • Dear Elizabeth E,
      Yes, EVO is only a supplemental aspect for professional development (PD). Nonetheless, it is critical for those in areas of the world where training on integrating the latest technology into the classroom (F2F or online) isn’t taking place! For instance, last year EVO had female teachers participating from war-torn Iraq and during Egypt’s uprising. Furthermore, the availability of free PD is extremely welcomed by many teachers both stateside and abroad. EVO is an open source and you need not be a member of TESOL to join the sessions.

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