Global resources and leadership development in ESP: What kind of food do you want at the global potluck party?

 Hello ESPers worldwide!

During the IATEFL and TESOL discussion hosted by 12 ESP leaders that I mentioned in my previous post, we saw ourselves as participating in a “global potluck party to which everyone in the world was invited.”

During this post, I would like to utilize this metaphor of the sharing of “food” (i.e., ESP resources) as we create a “menu” for what will be served to visitors in the ESP Dream Center.  In other words, what kind of “food” do want to have at the party?

Waddah started us off with the following list, and I quote:

  • Comprehensive/sufficient sources for ESP dictionaries/glossary resources
  • Comprehensive/sufficient ESP materials/textbooks
  • E-library where different practitioners, experts, interested groups, and publishers can upload and download a very diverse package related to ESP. If possible such e-library can be classified according to specialty categories/countries. So, differences can be easily shown.
  • Comprehensive/sufficient sources for teachers/learners.
  • Classifications and specifications of professions
  • Accreditation/certification and standards in ESP training and education (vocational/technical, etc., if any)
  • Forums (hotline forums), international network for members where any can contact the other easily.
  • Comprehensive/sufficient sources for ESP development specialists(leading publishers/authors to help in that)

Other logistics:

  • Creating an international link of representatives (voluntarily post)
  • Holding an international conference for ESP (funds to be sought via possible resources/donations all over the world).
  • Drafting an international vision for what is ESP. This draft should include as many as possible of experts/practitioners.

I see two tasks that we can work on right now!

  1. We should create a very good “menu” now that we will use to organize the resources contributed to the ESP Dream Center in the near future.
  2. We should begin to identify resources (including links, PowerPoints, lesson plans, etc.) that we will contribute to the ESP Dream Center when it has been launched.

At this point, I would like to mention all five of the professional development discussions (ESPIS Community Discussions 2011-2012) to which ESP IS members have had access.  Two of the discussions are already available to anyone in the world and were mentioned in my last post.  I hope that the remaining three will be made available to everyone in the future.

  • “Onsite ESL Programs: From Best Practices to Reality on the Ground” (David Kertzner)
  • “Teaching Tips and Success Stories in ESP” (Ethel Swartley, Kevin Knight)
  • “Exploring for Excellence in EMP Practice” (Najma Janjua)

Again, please provide comments about the “menu,” and identify what you would like to bring to the global potluck party!

I’ll see you next week!

About Kevin Knight

Kevin Knight
Kevin Knight (PhD in Linguistics, MBA, MPIA) is an associate professor in the Department of International Communication (International Business Career major) and has also been working in the Career Education Center of Kanda University of International Studies in Chiba, Japan. In the TESOL ESP Interest Section (ESPIS), he has served as chair and English in occupational settings (EOS) representative, and he is currently the ESPIS community manager. He was also a member of the Governance Review Task Force (GRTF) appointed by the board of directors. In addition, he has been a TESOL blogger in the area of English for Specific Purposes (ESP). He has more than 30 years of professional experience working for private, public, and academic sector institutions including Sony and the Japan Patent Office. His doctoral research on leadership communication (i.e., discourse) as a basis for leadership development was under the supervision of Emeritus Professor Christopher Candlin and Dr. Alan Jones.
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