Global Resources in ESP: Free Research From the University of California

Hello, ESPers worldwide!

I am always on the lookout for free resources that I can share with other ESPers. That is why I was especially pleased to read about the decision of the University of California to open its research to the public for free!

Here are some useful links:

  1. eScholarship
  2. UC Open Access Policy
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

There are also several articles on this UC announcement, so for some additional information, you might want to search for and retrieve one or more of those articles online.

How can you use this UC research? Imagine the possibilities! For your own professional development? To meet the needs of your learners?

Finally, if you know of any websites or other digital resources that you can share with other ESPers, please post the links to those resources in the TESOL ESP-IS Library!

Good luck with your professional development and training efforts!

All the best,

About Kevin Knight

Kevin Knight
Kevin Knight (doctoral candidate in Linguistics, MBA, MPIA) is Chair of the ESP IS (2011-2012) and will become Immediate Past Chair (2012-2013). He teaches English for specific purposes (ESP), business, and organizational leadership in the Department of International Communication (International Business Career Program) and the Career Education Center of Kanda University of International Studies in Japan. He has over 25 years of experience during which he has worked for private, public, and academic sector institutions including Sony and the Japan Patent Office. His doctoral research is on leadership communication and development.
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One Response to Global Resources in ESP: Free Research From the University of California

  1. Huw Jarvis says:

    It’s brilliant to see initiatives such as this. Free access to TESOL scholarship was the main driver in setting up we now host 51 YouTube talks. In our most recent Keynote Prof Spada talks about CLT and form focused instruction. Enjoy :-)

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