Not coming to TESOL? Listen to the Webcasts!

If you are unable to attend this year’s TESOL convention, or perhaps have a conflict in your conference planner, you can still listen to several presentations via a Webcast.  The Computer-assisted Language Learning Interest Section (CALL-IS) is hosting these Webcasts on Adobe Connect.  Here’s a list of their events taking place in the Electronic Village (EV):

If you notice, I’ll be giving the first one on Thursday!  Each Webcast has a different virtual room.  My room will have EVO in the hyperlink for the Electronic Village Online, of which I was a moderator.  My session on Thursday is from an EVO 2010 session, but the one on Friday is for several sessions from EVO 2011.  Remember that all of these events are taking place according to USA/CST which is referred to as “Chicago” time on the international time clock.

These webcasts will be recorded and later posted on the CALL-IS wiki or Moodle. Make sure you read the procedures for participation. It’s best to use a headset with a microphone to avoid projecting background noise (dogs barking, traffic, phones ringing, etc.).  Additionally, you will need to download the Adobe Connect visual quickstart guide.  Instructions are provided on the CALL-IS link above.

InterSection on Friday the 18th

Elementary Ed IS / CALL IS (10:00 – 11:45 AM)

“Technology in ESOL Classrooms and Preparing Teachers for Successful Integration”

Christel Broady
Karen Kuhel
Ellen Dougherty
Margaret McKenzie
Stacey Abbott
Sandra Rogers

Ben Fabie

Web Cast Participation Guide

2:00 – 2:25 PM
“Language Learning and Community Building in Second Life” (EVO Session)

Presented by: Dennis Newson, Dr. Kalyan Chattopadhyay, Nahir Aparicio, Mary Pinto, Carol Rainbow, Heike Philip

2:30 – 2:55 PM
“Reflection and Practice on the Integration of Virtual and Physical English Classrooms” (EVO Session)

Presented by: Marcela Jaramillo Restrepo and Malcolm Peñaranda Yañez

Note: Sandra is coordinating this event and will be logged into the webcast as a host.

9:00 – 9:25 AM
9:25 – 9:50 AM (Encore)
“Internet4YoungLearners” (EVO Session)

Presented by: Sandra Annette Rogers and Hana Prashker


About Sandra Rogers

Sandra Rogers
Mrs. Rogers has a master's in TESOL, as well as the TESOL certificate in the Principles and Practices of Online Teaching. Currently, she's enrolled in a doctorate program for instructional design. She has a K-12 bilingual (Spanish) teaching certificate from California. Her areas of expertise are in bilingual education, culture, language acquisition and development (BCLAD), reading, quality assurance, and technology. She's active in the CALL-IS of TESOL and volunteers to provide free professional development for the Electronic Village Online (EVO). Mrs. Rogers spends her days scoring the TOEFL and TOEIC online for ETS. Additionally, Sandra founded a nonprofit charity to help job seekers find employment utilizing social media as a career tool. Find her on twitter @teacherrogers to learn about tips on integrating technology into the classroom.
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3 Responses to Not coming to TESOL? Listen to the Webcasts!

  1. María Irene says:

    Dear Sandra,
    Great idea to have these Webcasts, I’m not attending this year (looking forward to Philadelphya). I wish my work allows me to connect.
    Greetings from Valencia, Venezuela,
    María Irene Albers de Urriola.

    • Sandra Rogers Sand Rogers says:

      Thanks, Maria! It was the idea of the CALL-IS. By the way, you can listen to the recordings afterwards on your on time. The CALL-IS Moodle will post the recordings, if you can’t listen in during work time 🙂

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