ESL Games: Finders Keepers – Scavenger Hunt!

The Game: Finders Keepers – Scavenger Hunt! is a fun way to reinforce vocabulary. The teacher helps create a list of what needs to be “found.” Finders Keepers – Scavenger Hunt! builds on comprehension and encourages players to learn more about their surroundings.

Research Says: The benefits of using games in the classroom are various. they “range from cognitive aspects of language learning to more cooperative group dynamics.” Games also lower the affective filter and encourage “creative and spontaneous use of language,” promote “communicative competence.” What’s more—games are fun. (“Index Cards: A Natural Resource for Teachers“in Forum, Lengeling & Malarcher, October-December 1997).


Paper, pencils, clipboards, stopwatch or other device to tell time.

How to Play

  1. Students are divided into groups.
  2. Each group has a list of items to find, a clipboard, a pencil, and stopwatch.
  3. The rules are explained: Students are to find as many items as they can within an allotted time period. They can find the items in any order, but the team must stay together.
  4. Inform players of the area of the hunt.
  5. When the time limit is up, the teams meet at the designated spot.
  6. The teacher reads one clue at a time, and each group responds with their item.
  7. If the item fits the clue, the team is awarded one point.
  8. The team with the most points wins.

Untitled1How to Make It

  1. First, prepare the list of items to find (see example of 5 items)
  2. Make sure the items can be “found” in the area that you have the scavenger hunt.
  3. Select items based on vocabulary studied.


  1. Students can each submit a clue to be found.
  2. Clues can use a certain part of speech (e.g., adjective or adverb).
  3. The game concludes after so many clues are found instead of being limited by a certain time frame.


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Marc Anderson
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